About Me

Hi I’m Maureen O’ Callaghan, a PhD student and the founder of Beyond Money, a business that aims to change the way people do business by teaching them the art of going beyond money.

So why do business owners need to go beyond money?

It’s simple.

The way we have always done things is no longer working, for us as individuals and for our communities, society, and our planet.

Look at the evidence. The massive decline in arctic ice. The hundreds of species that have become extinct. The 18-year difference in life expectancy between those living in the richest and poorest countries. The 129 million girls who don’t go to school. 163 million more people living in poverty post- Covid.

We need more sustainable entrepreneurship.

“Entrepreneur training and education needs to change to help business owners imagine what a sustainable business and a sustainable society would look like.”

Entrepreneur training programme

Ss somebody who has set up businesses, including social enterprises.

It’s easy to feel powerless amid such bleak statistics, but business owners like you are perfectly placed to make a difference.

But how can you take action that makes a difference?

How can you use your entrepreneurial skills for good for yourself, your business, society, and the environment?

One thing that’s clear is that you can’t do it alone.

As part of my PhD, I’ve developed an entrepreneur training programme that does this by:

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of the business owner and the ongoing viability of their business

Helping business owners understand how they can adopt more sustainable business practices.

Giving them the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills that will help them do business more ethically and sustainably as well as developing new solutions.

Helping business owners recognise that they have a moral duty to prevent harm to humanity, society, and the environment, and to run their businesses according to those values.

We really don’t have time for ‘business as usual.’

This is just the start of our journey to building a community and I hope you’ll join us as we help as many business owners as possible to go beyond money.

Why Me?

I’ve used my entrepreneurial skills for good

I used my entrepreneurial skills to identify and respond to unmet needs locally, nationally, and internationally while working for Save the Children and the British Red Cross.

I’ve designed and delivered education and training across a range of settings

From designing CPD accredited education and training to delivering training in HE, FE, Community, and Business settings, I’ve helped many different learners develop.

Qualifications and Affiliations

Certificate In Post-Compulsory Education

University Diploma in mentoring in Education

Associate Fellow ( AFHEA)

Level 7  BTEC Advanced Professional Certificate in Management Studies

MSc in Mindfulness-Based Approaches ( with Merit)

Academy of Management

Chartered Management Institute

The Entrepreneur Network

Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Quakers in Business

Responsible Research in Business and Management

British Psychological Society

Society for Education and Training/Education and Training Foundation

Mindful professionals Network

Mindfulness and Social Change Network