Entrepreneur training programme

The online training programme for business owners is part of my research study that’s focused on helping business owners change the way they do business for the good of their communities, society, and the planet…by going beyond money.

Is the training programme for me?

Yes, if you:

Would like to improve your health, wellbeing, and performance, and work more collaboratively.

Want to get on the path towards more sustainable entrepreneurship.

Want to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Much of the business education and training out there focuses on business plans, marketing, and money. Our programme takes you beyond money to learn:

How your health, wellbeing, and having a sense of purpose is crucial to great performance.

Why building and maintaining good relationships along the way is so important.

And most importantly, how you as a business owner can play an active role in addressing the challenges the world is facing.

Is the training programme for me?

What does the training programme cover?

There are 7 units covering all aspects of running a business from getting things on a secure footing, to thriving and contributing to society. The units consist of learning activities that will help you reflect on where you are now and where you’d like to be. You can sample the kind of learning activities that will be in the full training programme by signing up for my FREE eBook.

How is this any different from other entrepreneur training?

It bridges the gap between learning and practice, unlike many entrepreneur education courses. The training is underpinned by research has been developed in collaboration with key partners in the business ecosystem so it’s relevant and fit for purpose. It’s also tailored towards individual needs and focuses on the wellbeing, purpose, and contribution of business owners.

Will I need a lot of time to work through the training?

No. The learning materials have been designed in a bite-size format to fit around your other commitments, and you can pick and choose which units are the most relevant for you. Want fit-for-purpose business education that will guide you towards sustainable entrepreneurship and a more sustainable business?