The following case study have been developed from an amalgamation of the research data.

Lynne is a self-employed coach and was looking to offer her services to people who ran their own businesses.  She had a wealth of resources that she regularly used with clients to help them to grow, develop, and reach their full potential by taking responsibility for their own personal and career development. However, she wanted access to professionally designed, tried and tested materials that she could use when working with business owners.

The intervention provided a range of materials that included information sheets, psychometric tests, personal reflection activities, and forward planning tools.  These would help clients to develop greater self-awareness and skills, and to review their effectiveness rather than carry on doing things the way they have always done. The action planning activities could be used to help clients to plan what action they will take.  Even better, the curriculum reflected the learning and development needs of many of the business owners she had spoken to.  They need to build and maintain stability, have a sense of belonging, build self-esteem, find the courage needed to take their business forward, be able to express themselves authentically, connect with others, and make a contribution to society.

Lynne is able to use the materials to help clients to prepare for coaching sessions, during the one-to-one coaching session, or after the session as a follow-up activity. They allow Lynne to remain in the “driving seat” and to use her skills, knowledge and experience to identify which activities to use with which clients and help her ensure the materials are used in ways that add value to her work with clients.