The following case study have been developed from an amalgamation of the research data.

Robin worked in a business school providing entrepreneur education and training courses.  These courses were designed to help business owners to set up and grow their businesses and whilst they provided valuable teaching and learning, this was primarily focused on how to develop the business.  Like many others, Robin felt that more attention needed to be paid to the development of the business owner, not least because they are key to the success of the business.  The problem was that the individual needs of business owners were so diverse, it was difficult to respond to individual learning needs.

The intervention provided invaluable extra-curriculum materials that learners could access in their own time.  They could either access the topics that were of interest to them or they could be directed to topics by their course tutor in response to an identified learning need.  Robin was reassured that the materials have been informed by a good understanding of business management, a lived experience of setting up and running a business, and expertise in designing and delivering education and training in HE, FE, and community settings.   They also combined the disciplines of psychology and entrepreneurship to provide education and training that acknowledges the complexity of running a business and the need for a holistic approach that looks at the business owners’ relationship with themselves, with others, with society, and with the planet.