“Show Notes”

This podcast looks at how to build and maintain credibility and what steps to take to if your credibility has been damaged.

“Show Transcription”

  1. What are the main things, in your opinion, that make a credible leader who can earn people’s trust and respect?

First thing I would say it you need to start as you mean to go on. First impressions count.

You need to show that you are willing to be accountable for the decisions you make and actions you take.

You also have to be consistent.  It is no good performing well one day and being rubbish the next.

I think it helps to be seen as having the knowledge and skills needed in the area you are working in.

You need to show that you trust the people around you…..you also have to earn their trust…back to accountability.

It helps if you are willing to take action….not waiting for other people to act first.

You need to be able to communicate clearly

You need to be able to motivate and influence others

I think you need to put a sense of purpose before putting yourself first. For me it was important that I invested the profits of my business back into ensuring I could deliver services that were needs-led and user-focused…not giving myself a pay rise.

For me, the results speak for themselves. I have met plenty of leaders who talk themselves up but they have not achieved a lot.

I think it is important that you are seen as somebody who is not afraid to face problems.

What leadership style would you say you have, and does it align with the things you identified in question 1?

I would describe myself as a transformational leader.

I engage with people with the aim of influencing them.

Rather than pushing my own agenda, I try to build on their interests and concerns. I meet them where they are not where I want them to be…or think they should be.  I try to operate in way that are ethical at all times.

What attributes do leaders who lack credibility have?

When I think about the leaders who I felt lacked credibility they tended to be people who

  • Avoided taking action or making a decision
  • They said one thing and did another, or kept changing their minds
  • They didn’t communicate well
  • They focused on looking after their own interests
  • They treated other people, mainly the people who worked for them badly

One person sticks out …the leader from hell!! They had all the above attributes but also….

They knew it all …but were not above stealing other people’s ideas.

They micro-managed people.

They avoided any conflict…which meant they did not stick up for people or the team when it was needed.

What do you think are the benefits of being a credible leader?

Good communication within the team and outside of it.

Creates a happier and healthier working environment

People work harder and provide better customer service, get less stressed and more motivated.

This sets a good example

For managers who feel they are losing/ have lost their credibility (maybe something has damaged it), what advice would you give?

First, I would say that losing your credibility is something to avoid if you can because once lost it takes time and effort to rebuild it.

Don’t’ try to hide your mistakes…..own up

Spend a bit of time self-reflecting to get a better idea of what happened, why and what is now needed. Most important get to know yourself and how you can avoid it happening again.

Communicate…don’t allow a vacuum because people will fill it with hearsay

Try not to get emotional about it.

Your body language and attitude with communicate a lot so adopt the right posture.

Don’t make promises you cannot keep…if anything under-promise and then over-deliver.